These Books Aren't All New??

Books are expensive. I tend to pick and review books that are both new & old. Many of these books you will be able to find on the shelves on your library as opposed to the front of your bookstore.

I believe that there are many hidden gems from years gone by & I enjoy highlighting those as well as today's best sellers.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The New Sisters & Zeta or Omega, Kate Harmon

The first two books of the Sorority 101 YA series, The New Sisters and Zeta or Omega, by Kate Harmon are fun YA appropriate read. Harmon who is a real life sorority girl knows how these things work and made the process fun for me to read about since I didn't have that type of college experience.

I don't know that I will pick up the next in the series when it comes out, unless I'm out of things to read or I just happen to see it, but these are good young adult fiction for any age.

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