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Books are expensive. I tend to pick and review books that are both new & old. Many of these books you will be able to find on the shelves on your library as opposed to the front of your bookstore.

I believe that there are many hidden gems from years gone by & I enjoy highlighting those as well as today's best sellers.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Orange Is The New Black, Piper Kerman


Publisher's Copy:

When Piper Kerman was sent to prison for a ten-year-old crime, she barely resembled the reckless young woman she’d been when she’d committed the misdeeds that would eventually catch up with her. Happily ensconced in a New York City apartment, with a promising career and an attentive boyfriend, she was suddenly forced to reckon with the consequences of her very brief, very careless dalliance in the world of drug trafficking.

My Review:

This book should have been really great. An educated woman who ended up in a woman's prison, but it was just OK for me.

Maybe it was because Kerman had a fairly easy time of it or maybe there just wasn't enough drama for me.

It did shine a lot of light on the plight of women in prison. The lack of educational opportunities and the absence of ways to reform themselves is really astonishing. I understand that prisoners are there to be punished, but if we don't teach them ways to succeed on the outside the cycle will never be broken.

All in all I thought this was worth reading.

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  1. I agree that we need to do more than just put people in prison and then expect them to go on with "life as usual" when they are released. I will have to look for this book next time I visit the library! :)


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