These Books Aren't All New??

Books are expensive. I tend to pick and review books that are both new & old. Many of these books you will be able to find on the shelves on your library as opposed to the front of your bookstore.

I believe that there are many hidden gems from years gone by & I enjoy highlighting those as well as today's best sellers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Another Girl


Just Another Girl, Melody Carlson

This small YA novel is sweet & potent. Aster Flynn is not as beautiful as her older sister Rose & is totally responsible for her younger sister Lily. Lily is mentally retarded & since Aster "handles" her so well, their mother works as much as possible to stay away from home. Working as many hours possible, even though she's on salary.

The siblings' dad ran away to a new family & when Aster gets a whiff of a life of her own, she bridles against her restraints. This Cinderella story ends beautifully, the glass slipper breaks & real life becomes the attainable, wonderful, goal.

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