These Books Aren't All New??

Books are expensive. I tend to pick and review books that are both new & old. Many of these books you will be able to find on the shelves on your library as opposed to the front of your bookstore.

I believe that there are many hidden gems from years gone by & I enjoy highlighting those as well as today's best sellers.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Spectacular Now


The Spectacular Now, Tim Tharp

Sutter Keely is the master of his domain. His domain being getting drunk & trying to figure out girls. Sutter gradually learns that real life is harder than it looks and if he wants anything from real life, he's gonna have to stop the never ending party & make an effort. This book didn't reall "hook" me. Sutter's a nice enough guy, but it's hard to keep rooting for a teen who almost burns his sisters house down smoking a joint in her closet & then, once again, brushes it off. In the end he learns his lesson, does the right thing, cuts down on the alcohol, but by that point I didn't really care.

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